Our team knows how to work in dangerous environments and provide assistance in critical situations. Our enhanced data produces more favorable outcomes every time.


Our drone team is led by the #2 drone racer in the world, Lucas Dearborn. He has been working alongside fellow drone pilot Alec Lunsford to engineer high-speed, waterproof drones adapted for surviving extreme storm conditions. Once in the storm the sensors attached to the drones will be able to monitor wind-speed, temperature, and even the path the storm is headed, while providing a birds-eye view.



The SkyForceX Team has decades of experience developing cutting-edge technology that accumulates analytics to arm people all over the globe with the information they need to make better decisions. Whether in response to a devastating tornado, a missing person in distress, 3D mapping, or imagery of assets for a building owner, the astonishing ability of our remote-controlled drones and their operators is second to none. SkyForceX Pilots are trained for speed and efficiency in high-risk environments. They have adapted to the harshest of conditions and have sharpened their skillset to provide assistance and produce precise, consistent and timely data every time.

Lucas Dearborn aka. Droner entered the FPV Drone scene in the summer of 2016 immediately after seeing a Drone Racing League video on Facebook. A month later he was racing locally and even traveling to a regional event. Shortcut to Muncie, IN 2018 at the MultiGP International Open where Droner is plugging in his first X Class Racing drone like it was his first race again. Dearborn helps organize his local MultiGP chapter 901FPV as well as traveling around the nation representing Team White Goat as one of their 7 active racers. He spends most of his time flying with friends and at his AMA Club “Millington Barnstormers Aeromodeling Club” practicing. Recently passing his Part 107, Lucas plans to make flying drones his career.
Alec Lunsford got in to the FPV hobby in February 2015. Shortly after starting he began meeting up with other pilots in the Memphis area and this led to some friendly competition. He then went on to start one of the first MultiGP racing chapters, 901FPV. Alec is the President of 901FPV and has led it from 2 members to over 82 active members. He also is a member of 901FPV’s traveling race team, Team White Goat. Having travelled to 20+ individual events and 5+ team events. He works as the Director of Information Technology for an HVAC Distribution company in Memphis when he is not actively flying drones.
Charles Andrulis started flying 8 and a half years ago. As a videographer aerial cinematography was key in his everyday work, so Charles attempted to create his own high performance drone. After several attempts at building his own he reached out to the online FPV groups for assistance. Lucas Dearborn took the time to mentor him from every aspect of racing and building drones. After collaborating with Lucas he saw how drones can be used in everyday applications and wanted to take his passion to the next level.
After studying in Pensacola Florida to acquire a degree in media productions and graphic design, Martin jumped right in and started producing top notch content of storms and disasters. For the last decade Martin has been producing and creating content that wows its viewers and evokes emotion. He has deployed into may disaster areas over the years including multiple hurricanes, Florence and Marie, Michael and at ground zero when eye wall passed over Mexico Beach and Panama City Beach. He was also front row in filming and assisting in the Malibu Fires in California and has the knowledge and the knowhow to bring viewers at home into the fold and give them the experience they desire.
Steve’s career began in 1989 after he completed his college courses in Architectural and Structural Engineering when he started his first contracting firm, specializing in disaster response and recovery. Over the years, he grew this firm into one of the largest disaster management firms in the United States responding to Hurricanes Andrew, Allison, Erin, Opel, Ivan, Charley, Katrina, Wilma, Gustav, Ike, Irene, Sandy, Matthew, Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence, Michael including the major earthquakes, wildfires among others both locally, nationally and internationally. To date, Steve has restored more than 7,500 properties and has professionally assisted his clients as a disaster recovery expert on over 14,000 storm, fire, flood and earthquake related projects. He has completed projects for major hospitals, ports, office high rise buildings, commercial developments, hotels, apartment buildings, community associations, restaurants and residential property owners. Having stepped into the drone piloting arena in extreme conditions required special equipment and piloting skills from aerial 3D Mapping, Surveying, Measuring, Monitoring of before and after disasters has been Steve’s driving force, in order to provide accurate data to his clients.
After completing his Masters Degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media in some of Europes top Universities, Michael decided to move back to the United States. Once back on U.S. soil, Michael jumped in to the disaster industry and discovered his interest in piloting drones. In addition to providing back-end marketing support he flies drones into disaster areas providing an aerial view of the storm itself as well as any damage. Michael then joined SkyForceX, and with the assistance of the team and their experience, he is able to assist in any and all upcoming disasters.

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